Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another Way to Get Money for Funerals--Crowdfunding

Our most popular posting is on the topic of money to bury the dead. It makes sense--it's expensive to live if you are poor, but even more expensive to die and be buried. 

But if the public burial of the poor is one of the oldest social services, then it is also the cause for some of mankind's oldest crowdfunding.  What is more firmly rooted in tradition than the envelope with money for the deceased's family? 

So don't hate on crowdfunding as the latest innovation in funeral monetary assistance. Some websites that were created for other crowdfunding ideas have embraced the funding of funerals, like GoFundMe. However, some were created to help out in time of personal crisis, like and In each case, you create an account that directs contributions to PayPal or WePay. In the case of Funeralfunding, the campaign can last a maximum of two weeks. 

If you want more than the bare burial or cremation provided by the state for indigent, you might want to consider crowdfunding.  See this story in Forbes for more insight.

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