Friday, October 31, 2014

Help for Veterans Looking. to Own a Home

Besides home ownership programs available from state agencies, some private nonprofits are working to provide home ownership opportunities for veterans. Among them is Operation Homefront, which has a program called Homes on the Homefront.  Honorably discharged veterans who are not current homeowners, and who have no felony convictions, may be eligible for a donated home.  For more information, call 210-659-7756.

For wounded veterans, or the Gold Star spouse, Military Warriors have a program, Homes 4Wounded Heroes, which matches donated homes to wounded veterans who need a home and do not currently carry a mortgage.  Besides matching them with donated, mortgage-free homes, they also provide up to 3 years of financial counseling.

Purple Heart Homes Service connects disabled veterans to donated homes, or, in the event that a disabled veteran is living in a home that needs to be modified for the veteran's disability, helps provide those modifications. For new home owners, the veteran assumes 50% of the home's mortgage.

Homestrong USA has many housing programs, but one in particular for veterans, the Homestrong for Heroes.  This is not a gift of a donated home, but counseling and downpayment or closing cost assistance and financial counseling.  For more information, call 877-647-8764.


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