Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cheaper Water for the Elderly Poor in Toledo, and More Water News

Water and its cost is converging in the news. In December, the Toledo City Council passed a law to increase the water price deduction for low income, 65 or over or permanently disabled Toledoans. The deduction for elderly or disabled Toledoans is 25%, but for low income people in those groups, the deduction will be increased to 40%. Contact the Lucas County Utility Department for more information.

Meanwhile, the brains behind the Detroit Water Project, which matches Detroiters in danger of having their water shut off with donors, is still in business and is reaching out to nonprofit groups in the city to find more Detroiters that need help. They are also considering spreading their work to other cities, so stay tuned. In an email, they said that they have come to believe that it's not just a Detroit issue, but a national one.

Speaking of such, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has a bill on this desk which makes it easier for cities to sell their water utilities to private firms, bypassing the former requirement that voters must directly vote on it. What could possibly go wrong? Stay tuned.

If you live anywhere else and need help, consult you 211 service in your home town, and look under "water service payment assistance."

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