Friday, February 6, 2009

Speak of the Devil, and He Shall Appear. And Start Phishing.

Right after my post re: stimulus scams, lookee what came into my spam filter:

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 17:36:32 -0000
From: "Internal Revenue Service"
Subject: Economic Stimulus Payment online form [Message ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity
we have determined that
you are eligible to receive a Stimulus Payment.
Please submit the Stimulus Payment Online Form
in order to process it.

A Stimulus Payment can be delayed for a
variety of reasons. For example submitting
invalid records or applying after the deadline.

To submit your Stimulus Payment form, please
download the attached document.

Note: If filing or preparation fees
were deducted from your 2007 Refund or you
received a refund anticipation loan, you will
be receiving a check instead of a
direct deposit.

Internal Revenue Service

Hmmm. Does seem like (the IRS website)? I'm thinking not. I don't dare actually open this attachment, even to see what's in it, but I bet they want some juicy details that would allow them a whole lot of access into my finances. And the IRS would NOT send you stuff like this through the email.

But I'm glad it came. My own little personal illustration of a scam/phish, delivered just for me.

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