Friday, July 17, 2009

Who Says There’s No Grants for Businesses? Well, Mostly Me, But…

…every now and then, a little, tiny, competitive grant for for-profit enterprises comes up. Here’s a couple:

The entrepreneural website Idea Café has created small business grants (and they are little, too--$1,000) for small business owners who are “willing to take their business to the next level.” The next deadline is September 1, 2009. You can already own a business, or planning to start one.

Intuit, the company that produces computer management systems, also runs a contest in which they award $25,000 winnings to some for-profit business that they consider worthy of further finance. Check them out for more information.

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Anonymous said...

I love your site! Thanks for sharing the unvarnished truth with people.

-Amanda (another librarian who just can't take the free money bull anymore. :) )