Saturday, August 1, 2009

Help in Paying for Child Care

One of the most pressing needs for many working families is paying for someone to watch their children while they work. What many people may not know is that help exists for the working poor to pay for child care. Money flows from the federal Health and Human Services Department to the states, and each state creates its own rules on what sort of subsidies are set up, and who is eligible to receive help. For more information, find the agency in charge of your state's program from this national directory, and check out their eligibility requirements. For Ohioans, information is at the Job and Family Services site; in Michigan, it's the Department of Family Services.

Also, don't forget that you may be eligible for a federal child care credit for the care of children 13 or under so that you could work or look for work, OR for the care of a person physically or mental unable to care for themselves in your household. Check it out in IRS publication 503, Child and Dependent Care Expenses. In addition, your state may have a tax credit or deduction for child care. Check with your state's tax office to find out.

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