Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Wait--Get an Appliance Rebate Now

Everyone is awaiting the appliance version of the cash-for-clunkers rebate program wthat is due to start soon. The trouble is, it's a plan that is funded, but not administered by the feds. It's administered by the states, and so we will have to wait patiently for our states to get their act together and come up with some ground rules before it takes place.

But there's something you can take advantage of right now. Energy Star's partners sometimes offer rebates, sales tax exemptions or credits on products like furnaces, air conditioners, office equipment, etc. And there's a way to check and see if it's happening near you. Go to the rebate locator website, enter your zip code, and check the boxes next to energy-saving appliances. It will tell you if a rebate or other deal is happening in your area. For instance, I found out that if I were in the market, KitchenAid is having a deal for those who purchase at least 2 of their Energy Star products, (dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, $100 on a prepaid card, more if you are busying more products.). While this is only a deal for people buying more than 1 product, it might still be worthwhile. Check it out if you are in the appliance market.

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