Monday, January 18, 2010

Financial Help for Adaptive Equipment for the Disabled

"Adaptive equipment" for the disabled covers a lot of ground. It can be anything as simple as equipment to aid mobility, prosthetic equipment, or software to help those with hearing or vision loss to use a computer. Financial assistance for equipment can be varied and creative, too. It can range from donation, to partial payment of the cost of equipment, loans, equipment exchanges, and resale of older equipment.

Among the places where you can find assistance is this site at AbleData, listing contacts for statewide agencies that run these programs. For amputees, the Barr Foundation provides some financial help in getting prosthetic devices and an amputee assistance fund.  The Given Limb Foundation has a program for amputee veterans.  The Association of Blind Citizens has a program that subsidizes software and adaptive equipment (running in cost between $200 and $6,000) for those who are legally blind and who are within certain income restrictions. It's aimed at equipment or software that will help blind people enhance their employment or become more independent.

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