Friday, February 19, 2010

Finding Low-Income Housing, All Over the U.S.

Government subsidized housing--and the local people who run it--are easy to find in the age of the internet. Economic conditions are forcing some people to contemplate a move to another part of the country, but doing research ahead of time is helpful.

To find subsidized housing, use the HUD page for that purpose, and follow its steps. First, choose the state you need information about, then select a city, county, or zip code. If you want, you can then choose either the name of the property (if you know it), or the type of subsidized apartment (disabled, elderly, family), and the number of bedrooms. Click the "next" button, and get a listing of apartments that fit the criteria you put in, along with contact information and addresses.

But it's not the whole story. There may be a huge waiting list of people for the apartment, or you might not be qualified. To further your research, use another HUD site to track down the local public housing authority and inquire about their qualifications and the availability of housing before you make a move.

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