Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emergency Money for Artists

If you are an artist between a financial (or health, or housing) rock and a hard place, these sites may be for you. The New York Foundation for the Arts has, among its generally awesome resource page, a page for emergency help for artists. This includes natural disasters and other difficult spots in life. The money is for professional artists, not dabblers, and is for small amounts.  There's also the "Emergency" heading in Pew's Artist Resource Guide.

But what if you need a sort of "bridge fund" for an unexpected project cost? That's where the Foundation for Contemporary Art comes in. Their emergency fund is specifically for such cases--NOT living expenses. It's a small amount of money for an "unexpected opportunity" or expense, when there is not time to get money from another source.

Also, check out the roundup of emergency sources from Womensarts.

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