Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Help for Disabled Kids and Their Families

I found a wonderful website with resources to help disabled children and their families in northwest Ohio,and many national sources, too. The site is run by the Family Information Network, a service of United Way of Toledo. Among the foundations listed are Zane's Foundation, which offers funds for therapy and other help for disabled kids, and Challenged America, which offers products and services directly to the disabled under 18 years of age, and United Healthcare, which offers medical grants, and more. It also links you to the great site by the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities, with even more treasures. One page has general disability assistance, and another is a page dealing with help for autism spectrum disorder. Also, check out this source, BraveKids, with resources for financial help, support groups, transportation and camps for disabled kids.

In the maze of searching for help for their children, a great piece of advice that I got from one mother was this: if something is turned down by your insurance company, go to your human resource department at work. They often know how a request should be placed so that it's eligible under your insurance plan. Also, check support groups and advocacy groups dealing with your child's disability. And if there is an office dealing with disabled children in your state, such as the Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps in Ohio, see what they can do for your child. If you live in another state, look here to find the state office helping children with chronic medical problems.  They may offer help with diagnostics, and maybe even medical equipment and supplies.  And there is this online booklet on Social Security benefits for disabled children.

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