Saturday, April 17, 2010

Experian Gives Free Credit Reports a Bad Name

We reported in a previous post that a new federal law would make is impossible for companies to advertise "free credit reports" when, in fact, they would automatically be signed up for a monthly-fee based service unless they cancelled. But we underestimated the basic contempt of credit reporting agencies for the American consumer. Because Experian has a whole new way to skin innocents in search of their free credit report.

According to this article, Experian, owner of the website, is now changing its marketing by charging a dollar, and giving the dollar to charity. Isn't that nice of them? No, not really. The dollar charge means that they are not legally required to tell you that it's not free, and you are signing up for...a fee-based monthly service.

Here's the real kick in the head. Its official line in its web ad is: "Due to federally imposed restrictions it is no longer feasible for us to provide you with a free Experian Credit Report." See that? We WANTED to give you this free credit report, but the evil feds won't let us. And for "low information consumers," (i.e., unconscious folks) it will be another example of regulation run rampant, when in fact the feds are merely (trying) to force them to be honest. Silly feds!

Take a moment to spit in your nearest toilet or spittoon in honor of the slugs at Experian, and then get your REAL free annual credit report at

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