Monday, May 31, 2010

Educational Opportunities for Veterans and Their Families

Via the office of Ohio State Representative Barbara Sears (District 46), there is a pamphlet with links to information about help and opportunities for veterans (insert frowny face here, because she didn't create an online resource.) But I'll put some of them up for Memorial Day.

One whole page is devoted to links about education and training opportunities available to veterans and their families. Among them are links to a page on the GI bill, the Ohio Department of AMVETS job skills training program, and the Ohio jobs skills training program for veterans through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. Ohio's GI Promise program is a bit hazier--from what I can read, it involves broadening the eligibility for in-state tuition rates for veterans and their families, and some cooperative work between the public and private sectors to create more opportunities from veterans, and is still evolving.

Then there are the scholarships, like the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship, the Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program (offering a fully paid scholarship to a public Ohio college or university, and an equal monetary scholarship for a private school, after committing to a six year Guard enrollment), the AMVETS scholarships for the kin of wartime veterans, and the American Legion American Legacy Scholarship.

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