Friday, June 11, 2010

Free Online Training Vouchers Open Up in Ohio...and Elsewhere.

If you wanted some online training in a Microsoft product—and, for employment purposes, would like to be certified in it—Microsoft has brought its Elevate America program to Ohio. It’s the 32nd state to participate in the program, which gives vouchers for free online classes and certification. To participate, you need to contact the Adult Workforce Education Center near you, and arrange to get the vouchers. Nearly 60,000 vouchers will be available in the state for products like Office 2007 and 2003, Windows Vista, and IT Professional Products. If you need to strengthen your basic skills beforehand, Microsoft also offers a free online tutorial to help you bone up. All vouchers must be claimed and accessed by August 26th.

If you are not an Ohio resident, you can check your own state for eligibility. However, they don't update their own map much, but this will give you some q and a.

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