Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Sources for Funding a Veteran's Education

So many good places to look for money for veterans to continue or complete their educations! One I have to return to is the venerable Michigan State University website for veterans, dependents and those studying military science. Another is, of course, a step-by-step walk through the GI Bill to help veterans determine their best scholarship deals. And then there’s this website by the Wounded Warrior Resource Center with information on financing and scholarships. Check out the main WWRC page for all sorts of aid for “ill, wounded or injured” veterans. It includes housing, employments and benefits information.

In looking for educational scholarships in general, you can use a couple of reliable, legit sites--fastweb or finaid. But remember to look at the financial aid page for the colleges you are considering. Many scholarships are particular to a school, so your best bet is to check the financial aid page of a school you want to attend on their website. If you want to skip commercial sources entirely, here’s a search strategy: go to google and type in:

“financial aid” veterans
“financial aid” veterans
“financial aid” veterans
These will restrict your google search to schools, the government or the military, respectively.

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