Monday, February 21, 2011

Low-Cost Wedding and Prom Gowns

Prom season will be sneaking up on us soon, and even poor girls will want to dress up and go. Guys will rent tuxes, but since gown rental has not reached the masses just yet (although it's available in some larger cities), some organizations exist to help girls go to the zenith in high school socializing. Women may also be on the lookout for low-cost wedding gowns, or a place to donate gowns from their special day.

Donate My Dress is a national organization that works with local ones to provide donated prom and bridesmaid dresses across the country. Here’s a look at local organizations around the country that provide these services, as well as places where donated dresses can be taken. They even list national places that will accept dress donations by mail if you do not live near a local organization.

Brides Against Breast Cancer is another group that creates a chance for women to both donate their once-used wedding gowns to be sold at a fraction of their costs, with the proceeds going to breast cancer. However, not all the gowns are used—about half are NEW gowns donated by manufacturers. They have a national tour of donated used and new gowns for purchase. The 2011 schedule is underway, and still being planned.

For military brides, Brides Across America receives donations from designers, shops and brides across the US for qualified military brides—those planning a wedding soon, or who had been deployed to Iraq Afghanistan or Qatar in the last five years, who did not have a formal wedding.

On a sadder note, the group Heavenly Angels has in the past accepted donated wedding gowns to make into shrouds to bury infants whose parents could not afford decent burial gowns. However, according to their web site, they are current suspending this because they have no tailor or seamstress to perform this work.

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