Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Hoax to Demolish--the Veteran's "Special Dividend"

Free money hoaxes come in many flavors--scams, partial truths, and earnest no-brainer e-mails passed along by well-meaning people.  This news of the veterans's "special insurance dividend" falls into the last category.  As my dad would say, they "mean well."  But there is still NOT a special insurance dividend.  But when some well-meaning person ships it off to their inbox, they think they are doing a good thing by passing it along.  But do what I do: check it against, one of the world's great websites.

This false rumor has been around for over 50 years.  Like many rumors, it springs out of a past truth.  According to Snopes, after WII, there was a special dividend for veterans of that war, but all those benefits have been paid out.  To find out all the financial help for veterans (at least that I could find), try these veterans's posts.  And first, try the VA office and your country veterans's office.

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