Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Stop Shop for Unemployment Help

The find I made last week is a new page on Career One Stop, a federal jobs page.  This one is devoted to re-employment..  It’s supposed to help you find more sources for help if you run out of unemployment benefits. However, it is hampered by the fact that there really aren’t a lot of well-funded resources, and with the newest outbreak of budget-cutting fever in Washington, there will be even less to go around. It’s sad but true. For instance, the heating help? It’s slated for budget cutbacks later in the year. So good luck with that. But they present you with different state and federal options for the problems of unemployment.  Here’s the parts I found most interesting:

Finding your state’s job bank: This can be useful, as it gives you a centralized place to find job opportunities and put up a resume, if you wish.
Short term training finder: Use it to find a training program in your state in 2 or less years that is eligible for federal aid:
WIA (workforce investment act) retraining providers: schools that provide training and are eligible for WIA funds (IF there’s money for them, and IF you qualify).

Occupation training finder.  This site finds training and education providers in your state that are eligible for federal aid.  Simply input the occupation that you want, the state in which you live and the level of education you are seeking, and it will give you a list of education providers in your state that are eligible for federal aid.

State Financial Aid Links: Links for each state’s scholarship programs. Many states have statewide scholarship programs for different groups of students, like those in particular professions or for groups of students, like the children of deceased veterans, etc.

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