Friday, March 4, 2011

Finding Home Modification Money for the Disabled

A big help to people with mobility disabilities (the ability to walk or climb stairs, for instance), is financial help to make their homes more accessible. These can come in the form of grants or low-interest loans to build ramps or other modifications that can help them live in their own homes longer, or provide a friendly, supportive environment. Here’s some places where you can look for help:

Go to the National Directory of Home Modification Resources. It lists departments of aging and also departments of home finance (state housing authorities). These are useful if 1) you are old enough to qualify for the aid and 2) if your state housing authority has a program to finance home modification. However, if you aren’t, or they don’t, click on the link for Centers for Independent Living. This is a listing of agencies that specialize in things like home modifications, and are often on the money. There are usually income restrictions, but these aren’t usually too stringent. Of course, their ability to help you depends on whether they have enough money in their budget. One such place, for instance, is the Ability Center of northwest Ohio, which has a ramp and home modification program for the northwest Ohio region.

If you are elderly, the Eldercare Locator is useful, too. It offers different options for types of help. Pick the program called “home repair and modification.”

Finally, for people in 27 states, there is the nonprofit Accessible Space, Inc., which has over 100 accessible, affordable buildings where the disabled can live cooperatively. See their directory for buildings and other supportive services, where they are available.

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