Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free Place to Search for Science and Social Science Research and Grad School Money

Most of the places that you can search for grad school or research money are fee based, with two notable exceptions.  One is Scangrants, the service by Samaritan Health Services, that shows research money in health-related research, but only from private (non-government) sources.  To find money specifically for students, you have to go to the search page and choose "graduate student" or "doctoral student" in the audience options. 

However, to search for both private and public money in the sciences, try Grantsnet, the "one stop shop for research and training" funding.  However, to find the "training" part of the equation, see the advanced search page, which offers the options of research funding or student support tabs. It offers the options of searching for such things as internships, fellowships, scholarships, and more.Although it tends towards hard sciences, it also allows for some searching in behavioral and social sciences, too.

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