Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scholarships Reserved for Menfolk? It's More Likely Than You Think.

...although not terribly common.  Back in the day, there were lots of scholarships for men, created to help create better-educated leaders in society (as exemplified by Rhodes Scholarships, which were meant to introduce American scholar-athletes to Great Britain and our special relationship with them).  But the Rhodes Scholarship has now allowed women for decades.  So where are these male scholarships?
Contrary to urban legend, it's not "illegal" to have a sex or race segregated scholarship--you just  can't do it on the public dime.  If you search Foundation Directory of Grants for Individuals, over 50 are in the subject area of "men."  Not all of them are scholarships, and few (about a half dozen), are national in scope.  Some are sponsored by fraternities, like the Zeta Psi"...dedicated to turn out into the world self-respecting, original-thinking, self-controlled, purposeful gentlemen."  Their foundation gives scholarships to grad students in the U.S., and undergrads in Canada.  The Gamma Mu Foundation gives scholarships to young (under 35 year old) gay men from rural areas.
The Spence Reese Foundation each year gives four scholarships to young men in their senior year of high school who plan on majoring in medicine, engineering, law and political science.  The Salem Lutheran Foundation gives their to men studying to become Lutheran ministers in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  For more information, write the Salem Lutheran Foundation at 2700 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. Room 300, Columbus, Ohio 43231 or call 614-863-3124.
Maybe the most interesting of the bunch is given by the Maud Glover Folsom Foundation, which gives scholarships to young men of German or Northern European background.  Just send an application--along with three generations of your family tree.  You can receive the money till you are thirty--or unless you have a criminal conviction of "moral turpitude," join the ministry, or marry without the approval of the board of the foundation.  Or fail to maintain a C+. 
Other scholarships for men (most with geographic restrictions) can be looked up in the Foundation Directory of Grants for Individuals, available at a Foundation Center Cooperating Collection.  Remember, too, that your local community foundation may also have little nuggets like this tucked away, funded by someone in the community that wanted to give boys a good start in life.  Another possible source is the school which you wish to attend.  Sometimes, alumni have created scholarships only available to students of that schools.

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