Saturday, May 14, 2011

Awesome Source of Financial Assistance in Detroit and Southeast Michigan

While hunting around for help for a family member in Michigan, I called a county agency in southern Michigan.  She didn't know about any help in purchasing a car, but she suggested I google "Julie's List."  I did, and was very happy I did.  Anybody who needs financial help in southeast Michigan will be happy to find it, too. 

Julie's List is the brainchild of Julie Kennedy-Carpenter, and is run by her and some friends, and has all manner of resources listed: medical services, children's services and resources, clothes, caregiver support, housing, transportation,  and utilities.  It has public and private resources, money saving tips, and you can sign up to get updates on significant developments and events, like the Blessfest next weekend  in Taylor, Michigan for people in need of financial help and employment.  Oh, and they listed several programs for car purchase and repair.

But even if you're not in the Detroit area, it might be worth taking a look, because it includes some statewide and national sources of help, too.  For instance, it lists the NIH website for nationwide sources of dental health assistance, and the Christian Credit Counselors.  Because if you are including everything that can help people in an area, it means you include national stuff, too.  So you should definitely check out Julie's List if you need help and live in SE Michigan, but look at the categories on the left-hand side of the page on the chance that a national resource may be useful to you, too.

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