Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Need to File Taxes? Apply for Student Aid? Find Benefits? Just Help Yourself.

This blog has mentioned the Benefit Bank, a multi-state institution that provides conselors who sit down one-on-one with you and lets you know what benefits you are entitled to, as well as helping you fill out your taxes and getting all the credits that you may be eligible for, too.  But now the Benefit Bank brings self-serve right to your computer. 

The type of information you can get, or services you can get online, depends on what state you live in.  In Ohio, you can file your federal taxes, apply for several types of benefits and help get medical insurance.  Residents of Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina,Pennsylvania, and South Carolina can file their federal and state taxes as well as FASFA, the federal student aid form.  Residents of other states can file their FASFA and federal taxes.  It's a handy place.

You need to indicate what state you live in, and the self-help benefit bank will open up the available services.  In Ohio, this includes a chance file for benefits, but separately, to input your information to find out what amount of benefits you can expect to receive by running an anonymous "quick check."  However, to actually apply for benefits, you must register. 

Check it out, but if you are using a public computer--like at the library--be sure you not only get off the internet when you are done, but shut off the computer so that your records are not available to the next people using it. 

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