Friday, May 6, 2011

Help to Pay Summer Utility Bills

Most people know that there is money to help low-income people pay their winter heating bills.  However, many states have programs to help people pay their summer electric bills--and maybe even buy a window air conditioner--under certain conditions.

What sort of conditions?  That would generally be if a person were elderly, and/or the person had a health condition that posed a real threat to their life or health.  You would apply through the community action agency in your area.  There are income limits, of course, and may require a letter from one's doctor.  In Ohio, the person must be within 200% of the poverty level, have someone in the household over 60 or with a letter from their doctor documenting the medical condition that makes heat dangerous.  With that, you may be eligible for $175 towards the payment of electric bills and a fan or air conditioning unit. Applications will be taken between July 1st and August 31st.

To find possible programs in your state, check your state's office in charge of heating assistance, and find out, if you have a summer program, when it begins.

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