Saturday, June 4, 2011

Find Yourself Some Unclaimed Cash (If You are Owed), Wherever You Are

What is "unclaimed money?"  It can take many forms--old bank accounts you forgot to clear out (it happened to me), unclaimed tax returns, utility deposits, money held in escrow from a federally insured mortgage, and more.  And it can happen on both the state and federal level.  How do you find unclaimed cash that might be owed to you?

Whatever state you live in, there is an office that holds on and distributes unclaimed funds--and you can access that information without paying a go-between!  Simply go to the site of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), and click on the state in which you are interested.  It might be a state that you live in now, or did live in sometime in the past.  You will quickly get a link to that state's search engine and complete instructions for finding money to which you may be entitled.  You may also wish to check your county's treasury or auditor's office to see if you are owed money from a local court settlement or jury duty.

But the feds have a website that performs that same on a federal level--and more.  However, it's a little more complicated.  Once at the federal site, you must pick a type of fund that you  could be owed--a pension from a former employer, or the insurance from a federally insured mortgage, bank failures, shares from a credit union, or more.  There's even savings bond calculators and class action suit searches.  Search your brains out.  Go nuts.  I won't even ask for a cut of the money. 

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