Monday, November 7, 2011

More Information About Phone Services for the Poor

Awhile back, we had a couple of posts about the Universal Phone Service, which helps low-income people pay for their phones and/or service.  Most people have heard of Safelink Wireless, ( 1-800-378-1684)which has wide, multi-state coverage and heavy publicity.  It's a product of TracPhone, and has a basic plan of 68 minutes, with additional plans available.   You can use the minutes for calls, but also for text messages.  Eligibility for the program varies from state to state, and usually involves income or whether or not you receive some public services, like section 8 housing or food stamps. 

Another wireless service, available in 30 states, is Assurance, by Virgin Mobile (877-727-4976)  You can get a free phone and 250 minutes a month, and can buy into plans for additional minutes, texting and international calls. 

In truth, there are lots of companies involved in phone services to the poor, depending on where you live.  For a list of the ones in your area, go to the Universal Phone website and check for state-by-state coverage.  

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