Friday, November 4, 2011

With Cutbacks in Heating Funds, Check Your State's Heating Disconnect Laws

Our dopey Congress can pass laws saying that we trust in God, which is good because we sure can't trust them.  Last year, the Congress that held firm against higher taxes for millionaires wanted cutbacks...and got them in funds for heating.  So the following link is important: it shows the state-by-state restrictions in heating cutoffs in the winter...and sometimes, like in Texas, electricity in the summer.  I've run it before, but this winter, it may be more important to know than ever. 

As the website says, these restrictions may not apply to all the utilities in the state.  Municipal and co-operative utilities might be exempt from these regulations.  Each state lists the conditions (like temperatures) or dates when heat cannot be cut off, particular protected groups (like the aged or disabled), who to complain to, and, when available, a user's Bill of Rights and links to a complaint form. 

Where can you go when you have trouble paying the heat?  Contact your utility first, because they will know about your state's liheap (low-income heat assistance) program.  They may also have other programs of their own to help you.  If these cannot help you, and you are a veteran, see your county's emergency aid for veterans. If you are over 60, try to contact your state's office on aging to see what help may be specifically for you.  And if slap comes to shove, here's my list of all the emergency funding sources I can think of.

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