Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finding financial help in Cincinnati, or Asking for it Anywhere on Aidpage

In my time of blogging andwebmistressing about financial help for individuals, I have found local sites with more in-depth resources than this blog could provide to a whole country.  That’s because most real financial help is in fact locally-based, even if the funding in some cases, comes from the federal government.  In Detroit, Julie’s List keeps up an impressive list of local resources for those needing emergency financial help as well as those attempting to save a buck, or get a job, in southeast Michigan.

In Cincinnati, there is also a local page, Cincy Benefits and Resources by Cincinnati VA Medical Center.  While it has a couple of dead links (and some dates listed are distressingly...dated), it has lots of local things that could be checked out that are more relevant to Queen City people—and those from nearby northern Kentucky—than a broader national source.  For instance, low-cost carrepair, dental clinics, and computers for low-income people.  Cincy Benefits promises to have more from nearby Indiana in a future edition.

Nationally, a website called Aidpage allows individuals to sign up and put their needs to the public in general.  You just create a free account and post your needs, or offer advice or encouragement for others.  I featured a particularly useful Aidpage contributionin a previous posting on computers for low-income people. 

 Often, postings involve information on concrete help for a particular situation—burial expenses, money to help with an emergency need, etc.—but sometimes people simply encourage and pray for each other.  Or, as in the example I cited with computers, there are large postings on general issues.  The site’s administrators—from the company People Networks Inc.—stress the need to keep yourself anonymous by not using your real name, address, or email.  Thus you can encourage and advise other people while keeping yourself safe and unspammed.  It’s a very different one-on-one approach from my librarianish blog and website, and one that you might want to consider using if you have a particular need, or if you want to offer your expertise to others in need.

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