Monday, January 16, 2012

Ohio Makes More People Eligible for Foreclosure Help

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency is making it easier for more homeowners to get financial help if they are in danger of foreclosure in that state.  More people are now eligible for help  Among the changes:
 •An increase in the amount of liquid assets a homeowner are allowed to have; now up to 6 month’s payment expenses instead of 3.  NOTE: the eligibility page still has 3 months—it hasn’t been updated.  Talk to the person at the toll free number.
•Homeowners residing in manufactured homes titled as real estate are now eligible
•Homeowners who have a discharged Chapter 7 are now eligible even if they did not reaffirm their mortgage, subject to approval by their mortgage servicer;
•Homeowners who have missed mortgage payments but are now able to make payments on their own may access up to $25,000 to reinstate their mortgages; and
•Homeowners who are unemployed and underemployed may receive full mortgage payments for up to 15 months or $20,000. 
If you are an Ohio homeowner in any danger of losing your home through foreclosure, see the webpage for help,  as soon as possible or call 888-404-4674 for more information.

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