Friday, April 20, 2012

More Places for Artists to Find Aid and Work Opportunities, Financial Aid

I've written some previous posts with online resources for artists, but now there are some more to add.  The Pew Charitable Trust has a website with resources for artists.  Since Pew is Philadelphia-based, there is a slant towards Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in some of the entries, but some of them are nationwide.  It includes grants and work opportunities, but also legal, medical and insurance resources, promotional services,emergency help and more.  However, if you click a link to the name of a resource, it will take you to a description of the resource, not the website.  You then need to click the website link on the description page.  My favorite resource listed is Duotrope's Digest,  an interactive list of over 4,000 publishers of novels, short stories, poems, nonfiction articles etc.  You can search for your next publisher by genre, subgenre, pay scale, royalty rate, and more, and sortable by rate of submission acceptance, pay, and response time. 

Another source of help aimed for people new to the arts is Art Emerging.  It has a short section on grants, art shows, how to look out for art show scams, residences, and more. It seems terribly unformed--it's supposed to be created by artists, but there are dead links.  I wouldn't consider it a first place to go, but you might find some little nuggets to help you out.

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