Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ohioans Can Get Free Financial Information This Summer All Around the State (And Lower-Cost Business Loans All Year Long)

Hi, all!  I would have posted earlier if I had not been felled by viruses, but I'm back on line.  Once again, the Ohio State Treasurer's Office will have its FREE half day financial ed courses all over the state, Smart Money Choices.  It includes parts on budgeting, student debt (how to stay away from it, how to deal with it if you're in it), investments and social security.  It takes place in seven cities across the state.   Sign up begins soon.

For years, the Ohio's Treasurers Office has run this program, along with other consumer ed programs.  But, as I've written before, it does some other programs--Agri-link, a linked deposit program that gives farmers and people in agribusiness a way of getting loans at a lower rate than commercially available, GrowNow, a linked deposit loan program for other businesses, and Veteran's Preference, a policy by which veterans are given preferences in these programs.  These are opportunities for businesses to borrow for less. For individual consumers, there's SaveNow, lets private citizens save money with interest rates 3% above commercial rates, and EcoLink, a linked deposit program for homeowners, used to make their homes energy efficient by allowing them to borrow energy efficiency money more cheaply.  If you fall into one of these groups, check it out. 

Sometimes, other states offer deposit-link programs, too.  To see if your state treasury offers one, find your state's office at the National Association of State Treasurer's Site.

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