Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Regulations Coming on Recruitment of Veterans to For Profit Schools. Also, Some Student Veteran Scholarships

The president signed an executive order on April 27th aimed at dealing with the high-pressure recruitment of veterans to for-profit colleges.  In the order, colleges will be required to create a transparent document, (something like this one), showing how much you will owe if you sign up for the college, and compare it to the cost of going to another public or private school. Rules would be created barring some schools from doing their high-pressure recruiting right on or near military bases.  And rules will be created to keep private schools from creating government-looking websites that fake out potential students into thinking that they are official sites of the U.S. government or the military.

The stakes are huge: federal law bars private schools eligible for Title IV federal aid from getting more than 90% of their revenue from federal student loans. BUT...the big loophole is that military aid does not count as federal aid, so some colleges have worked hard to get GI benefits.  As shown in this PBS documentary, some of them don't do it in nice, fair ways.

How can veterans protect themselves right now?  They can see that the schools they are considering is accredited.  Here's also a sheet of information from the VA Office on choosing a school. 

And, in related news about bad actors, the Student Veterans of America just ran down a list of its chapters that had their charter revoked.  The SVA is an organization by and about student veterans, but the chapters that got kicked out for having leadership not by the students, but by school officials. 

In better news for scholar veterans, there are some SVA scholarships available, such as the STEM scholarship for those in science and technology, the Google scholarship for those in computer science, and the Yellow Ribbon scholarship for outstanding students in private or out-of-state schools facing financial hardships. 

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