Monday, April 30, 2012

Search Engine to Find Scholarships and Financial Help for Veterans and Their Families

On my way to finding out about the new regulations on schools that recruit student veterans, I found a new aid in finding scholarships for veterans and families from the Military Officers Association of America.  It's their scholarship search engine, and it works for veterans and their family members searching for scholarships. 

While it is billed as a scholarship finder, it can also find other forms of financial aid for veterans, too.  Just choose the categories into which you fall--veteran, family member--and the type of aid you are looking for, and what state you live in.  They list scholarships, fellowships, loans, etc., but also grants-in-aid/personal assistance.  That last one will lead you to things like emergency aid and help with living expenses.  It also has search options for race and types of disabilities, and so could be helpful in finding aid for disability assistance. 

For instance, I did a search for someone who was a veteran, living in Ohio, with an orthopedic disability looking for grant-in-aid, and it lead me to the military injury relief grants for the state, the Ohio income tax reduction for military retirement income, (although it only leads you to the tax office.  You have to dig around for the military exemptions), and the medical assistance program from the Fraternal Order of Eagles for the children of FOE members who died in action.  When I changed the hypothetical veteran's location to California, I found the California property tax exemption for veterans,

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