Monday, May 7, 2012

An Ohio Tax Amnesty, and Tax Holidays in Several States

The state of Ohio has offered a tax amnesty for people who have not paid a consumer use tax (on goods or services obtained in the state after 2009), you may be eligible or a tax amnesty.  Here’s the FAQ.  If you weren’t registered for the tax, there may be some payment plans (at zero interest) available to help you pay.

 Looking this up made me inadvertently find a list of tax holidays—periods where state sales taxes are not levied on certain products in 23 states.  The list is courtesy of the Federation of Tax Administrators.  It’s an interesting list; for instance, in Mississippi, there are two days a year that you can get a tax holiday on clothing and footwear up to $100 in value, and for three days, you get no tax on weapons, ammo and other hunting supplies for three days in September.   Check it out and see if there are a few days of the year when it might be worth your while to buy certain things.

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