Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Electricity Payment Help in 2012

Even though it's only mid May, the temperatures are heating up.  While most people know that there is help for heating bills for low-income people, fewer people know that in many places, there's also the possibility of help to pay for cooling bills--and maybe even a window air conditioner or fan.

In Ohio, the summer heat emergency program begins taking applications on July 1, and runs through August 31st.  But besides income restructions--recipients have to living in households making no more than 200% of the poverty level--households are only eligible for the aid if someone in the household is  60 years or more old, or has a qualifying medical condition, and have that condition verified by a doctor. The aid is a one-time per year payment of $175, plus (in some places) a fan or air conditioner, if they do not have one and did not receive one within the last 3 years from the program.  In Ohio, the HEAP programs are administered locally by community action agencies--check yours when the time comes to apply.

Some other states have summer programs, too.  If so, that money comes through the same state agency that administers the winter heating program.  Check them to see if there is a summer energy program for your state.

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