Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Place to Find Out About Student Loan Forgiveness and Income Based Repayment Plans

In a previous posting, we found a federal website that is dedicated to federal student loan forgiveness and income based repayment (IBR) plans.   And while it's good, we found another private site that helps sketch out things more clearly, and allows you to get notices of when there are changes that effect you.

Ibrinfo was created by the Institute for College Access and Success, a nonprofit advocacy group that pushes for student debt relief, and preaches its gospel, and their many partners.  They spell out all the options for eligibility, and answer questions you may have.  For instance, you may have eligible federal loans forgiven if you have been making payments for 25 years already.  When does this eligibility start counting? Find out here.  What kinds of jobs are eligible for public service student debt forgiveness?  When does the 10 year clock of public service/debt payments start?  Find out here.   What is the link to my lender, and how do I apply to them?  A page full of links to lenders and their applications is right here.  While the federal ombudsman page is good, this fills in a lot of the blanks. 

Better yet, you can register to get free updates, or you can register on their Facebook page to get a continuous stream of breaking information, like the newest plan to make enrollment in the program even easier.  If you a debt-carrying student, the parent of one, or know one, keep this page bookmarked and sign up for updates.

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