Monday, June 18, 2012

Awesome Teeny Tiny Grants for Growing and Preparing Food

We've written about the Awesome Foundation, which is really a string of giving circles that are springing up locally around the world.  A small group of people give $100 a month into a pool and decide which project they will donate $1000 to, based on an extremely simple application form.  That's it.  They leave the definition of "awesome" loose, so as to caste a wide net.  And since it's not a real foundation in a legal sense, they do not have the legal obligation to perform "due diligence"--for instance, making sure the recipient has 501(c)3 (not for profit) status with the IRS. They can give with a free hand to projects that seem awesome. Of course, they don't get the tax deductibility, but they get flexibility and freedom. 

For the first time, a chapter of the Awesome Foundation has been created not around a locality, but a subject.  The Awesome Food Foundation gives $1000 grants for food-related projects.  This has in the past resulted in a grant to convert a mobile kitchen to one that is powered by solar panels, a project to convert shipping containers into portable farms for refugee camps, and a compost mobile that collects household food scrap to create the material for compost for community gardens. The sky's the limit in imagination--as long as you can work with $1,000.  If you have a food-related awesome idea that $1,000 can significantly push towards reality, you may want to give them a try.

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