Friday, June 22, 2012

Find Yourself a Bank Account, With Fewer Fees

Lots of people in the U.S. don't have a savings or checking account, relying instead on banking alternatives instead.  This can include payday loan places, cash checking services, etc.  Many of these services have higher fees than traditional banks, but traditional banks can have high fees as well, or high deposit requirements.  Many people have had bad experiences at a bank that can make them chary about using them.  Banks aren't always welcoming of small accounts, either.  However many people who would have difficulty getting and keeping a small savings or checking account may in fact be eligible for an account with BankOn. 

What is "BankOn?" It's a nationwide group of organizations dedicated to making bank accounts easier to get for low and moderate income people.  In an area, the local banks and credit unions may partner to create lower-cost accounts for people who need them. A BankOn account may allow you to keep less money in it, with smaller fees than regular accounts.  Many communities are host to BankOn organizations, and each of them has a different group of partners--both banks and credit unions that you can join.  To see if this is available near you, check this map of BankOn organizations throughout the country.    Or call 211 in your area, or the local United Way to see if this service is available.  You will probably need to show some sort of I.D., but check the website of the BankOn organization near you. 

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