Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finding Agencies That Do Chores for the Elderly

In order to stay in their own homes, elderly people may need different degrees of help.  Some need to find a way to pay for home health care--long term, regular care to help older people with their day to day tasks.  Some need home repairs.  Some just need some help with heavy-duty chores, like raking, etc.  There's ways to research that, too.

In Ohio, the best way to find these resources is through the regional offices on aging.  Contacting the one in your area is a good way to find chore services.  At the Northwest Ohio Area Office on Aging, there's a search page with services for the aged in the 10 county area they cover.  Choose "chores," put in your zip code and the mile radius you want searched, and it will come up with a list of places that perform chores for older people. 

Nationwide, there is a group of organizations that provide volunteer help of this kind, and one may be near you.  It's the National Volunteer Caregiving Network, and they have a page that allows you to search local affiliates.  You can also use the National Eldercare Finder, but it's a clumsier tool, since you can search by local provider OR a service, but not both.  Your best best may be to search locally, then find a chore provider within that list.  Since it's federal, it may not be updated as quickly as local or state websites.  Also check the state care planning council in your state to see if there's local services available.

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