Friday, June 8, 2012

Watch Out For the Scam About Obama Paying Utility Bills

A report is coming from several places about a new scam in which there is a "new federal program" to pay utility bills.  According to First Energy, the company which provides energy over several states, they have received several reports in which customers were contacted about a new federal program to pay utility bills.  The customers were asked for information like bank routing numbers and Social Security numbers that could result in identity theft and a cleaned-out bank account.

People, there is NO new program.  There are the LIHEAP programs that there have always been, and you can find your state's LEGITIMATE program here.  They all have winter programs, and some have summer utility programs, too for the elderly or those with health conditions who have low or moderate incomes.  Depending on where you live, those programs may or may not include a free fan or air conditioner for the elderly or people with chronic health problems.  But they don't call  you, and they don't ask for bank routing numbers.  If you are contacted by anybody like this, call your utility provider immediately.

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