Monday, November 12, 2012

For Veterans in Who Need Free Help Managing Their Affairs--A Representative Payee Service

In all the talk about respect for the services that veterans have given their country, many still struggle with the afteraffects of war.  Some, due to injury, mental illness or substance abuse, are not able to manage their own money and live on their benefits.  Some don't have family to help them manage their affairs.

In Toledo, the Toledo Community Foundation has funded a program to match veterans in need of help in managing their money with a representative-payee. This can be for veterans with severe mental or behavioral problems, or those who need help transitioning to civilian life.  St. Paul's Community Center already provides this service to other clients who need help with their Social Security benefits, and now provides it for veterans.  For more information, call 419-601-5658.

What if you receive veteran's benefits, or Social Security, and need a service like this?  You can see if your area has a 211 online directory for human services, and search for "representative payee services."  You can also check the nearest regional VA office to see if there are representative-payee services available for veterans, or call the nearest social services office to see if this is offered.


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