Friday, December 7, 2012

Faster Processing for Social Security Disability for Wounded Warriors

Did you know that soldiers who have service-related disabilities received after October 1, 2001 can get speeded-up processing of their Social Security disability claims?  Of course, "speeded-up" is a relative term when you're talking about Social Security, but every bit helps.  This question and answer page deals with Social Security disability claims and how they relate to wounded veterans.  It tells you exactly what information you need to provide to get the "expedited" processing of your forms.  It also tells you under what circumstances a disabled veteran is eligible for Social Security disability and Medicare, how Social Security relates to Tricare (the health insurance program for uniformed troops and retirees which can be a supplemental program for disabled veterans who receive Medicare), and work eligibility while receiving disability benefits.  It also has information on benefits for the dependents of the disabled.  For more information on filing for disability, check out this disability starter kit.

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