Monday, December 10, 2012

Opportunities, Residencies, and Grants for Eastern European Students and Artists

A number of opportunities exist for Eastern European artists and students who want to pursue their work internationally.  A well-known institution is the Open Society Foundation, which has programs for NGO's, but also for individual students.  Visit their grant webpage and specify in their search wigit that you are searching for grants for individuals in the field of education and youth, and in Europe.  DO NOT restrict yourself to grants currently open--something may be open in the near future.  It may have closed last month, but may be something to keep on the horizon for later.

CEC Artslink offers residencies for artists from 39 countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East for five weeks to work in the United States.  Applications were taken this past fall for those in the performing arts and literature, but in the deadline for artists in visual and media arts is October, 2013 for the following year. 

The Worldwide Institute Supporting Exchange (formerly the Worchester Institute for Student Exchange) offers housing and a small ($50) stipend for students who are studying at institutions in eastern Massachusetts.  They include those in the arts and research.  Contact WISE for more information.

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