Friday, January 18, 2013

Help for Some Homeowners Behind on Property Taxes in Michigan and Ohio

Last year, I wrote about a new wrinkle in the Hardest Hit foreclosure prevention program in Ohio--some homeowners who were in danger of losing their homes because they were behind on property taxes, even if they owned their homes free and clear.  I re-checked with the Save the Dream office, and find that it's been modified--now it's only available to homeowners who have an active, open mortgage.  People who own their own homes free and clear are no longer eligible.

Michigan has opened up a new program in its A Step Forward program.  Starting on January 15th, homeowners in about two dozen counties, who have mortages with participating lenders, are eligible to receive assistance for back property taxes under certain circumstances.  Here's the circumstances:  To  give you money for first mortgages, or first mortgages AND past due property taxes, or second liens OR past property taxes, but never both second mortgages and back taxes. Check the page to see if your county or lender is participating.

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