Monday, January 14, 2013

Low-Cost Help for Fixing Your Car

One of the toughest parts of keeping your financial head above water is keeping a running automobile.  It can be the difference between keeping or losing a job.  Coincidentally, I found some sources for help in the last couple of weeks--some in Toledo, and some in the rest of the country.

In Toledo, if you are low-income and have children and your car needs repairs to keep your job, the Department of Jobs and Family Services may help through their Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program, designed to help low-income people jump the small-fund hurdles to keeping a job and being self-sufficient.  Call them at 419-213-8900.  Also, The Toledo Area Ministries may help with car repair, but you have to be referred from your local church.  If you don't have a church you regularly attend, see your neighborhood church and ask if they will make a referral.

Outside of Toledo, I found out about an organization called Ways to Work. They work through local organizations to fund low-interest, short-term loans to get cars repaired.  They have a particular focus on providing loans for families with children. See this website to find out if your local area has a WTW program.  You can only apply for a loan through their local affiliates.  They seem to have the most local outlets through the northeast, south and midwest, although there are some on the west coast.

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