Friday, January 4, 2013

More Free Cultural Events, This Time from Target

We wrote some time ago about museums that open for free due to corporate sponsorship.  Now we have a new nugget on Target's sponsorship of free entrance to events and cultural spots in 32 cities around the United States.  For instance, on the Martin Luther King holiday, 2013, the Henry Ford in Dearborn Michigan is open free--with free parking--to the public.  It's also free admission on President's Day, Labor Day, and October 21st.  Likewise, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is open for free to the public March 3rd, April 14th and June 2nd. 

Some are free admission, and some are buy one ticket, get one free, and some are reduced cost.  Check it out and see what fine cultural institutions might be available for you and your family on the cheap.

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