Friday, February 22, 2013

Fellowships for People Working on Social Justice

There's internships that help prepare you for a career, and then there are fellowships that support learning about--and working towards--a more just world.  There's even a fellowship to help community organizers catch their breath and get a different perspective.

In North Carolina, SCAF (Student Action with Farmworkers) has a couple of different internship and fellowship programs.  Their Sowing Seed for Change Fellowship is a summer leadership development program for bilingual students that teaches them to work for legal services, health clinics and community and labor organizing groups in North Carolina.  Applicants must have a good knowledge of Spanish, and preference will be given to students from the southeast U.S.and from the families of farm workers.  In addition, they have a ten week internship program for college students to work in migrant education programs, rural health clinics, legal services, immigrant assistance programs and other groups that work for migrant workers in North and South Carolina.  For more information, see their website or call them at 919-660-3652.

Jews United for Justice has a fellowship program for young people (25-35 years of age) in the mid-Atlantic area, the Jeremiah Fellowships, to network with others, learn leadership, fundraising and community organizing skills, and deepen their grounding in the Jewish spiritual and intellectual underpinnings of justice work. It's a nine month program, and the deadline for the next application is August 5th. For more information, call 202-408-1423.
For community organizers of color who have been working in the field for at least 10 years, the Center for Social Inclusion offers financial support for a three-month sabbatical fellowship to leave the field and do something completely different.  Recipients will be required to stop their work activities for at least three consecutive months and kick over the traces, doing something outside their routine.  See their website or call 212-248-2785 for more information. 


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