Monday, February 18, 2013

Money to Improve the Life of Farm Animals, or Rescued Animals

Two groups of animals have traditionally had a hard row to hoe--animals in need of rescue, and farm animals.  Some funding exists to make the lifes of these animals a bit better.

Animal Welfare Approved is an organization dedicated to improving the lifes of farm and ranch animals and providing certification to farms that provide humane, free-range lives for their animals.  They also provide grants to farms for projects that improve the conditions of the animals; for instance, non-lethal predator control, for better housing and genetic improvements.  In the past, grants of up to $5000 have been made.  Right now, they have already taken applications for the 2012-2013 grant cycle and will not take applications again until 2014.  But you may wish to get on their email list to find out about the next round of funding.

Red Rover is a nonprofit dedicated to saving the lives of animals rescued by individuals.  Often, veterinary care for rescued animals is a real hardship, so they offer money to help with life-threatening medical conditions in these animals.  They also provide grants for the boarding of pets by victims of domestic violence, so that the animals can safely escape, too.  In addition, they have a listing of other national and local grant sources to help pet owners.

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