Monday, March 25, 2013

Free Help in Filling Out FAFSA Forms

Doing a blog should be all about timeliness, but I just found this priceless nugget, and I'm afraid it's too late for students going to college for the first time this fall.  On the other hand, I have no doubt that people will stumble across it next fall, which will be just in time for them.  The topic is one-on-one assistance with your federal free application for student aid (FAFSA).  First-timers don't have to stumble through it without help--IF you apply at the right time.  That time has to be before the FAFSA deadline for that state.

Nationally, a group called College Goal Sunday works with local and state organizations in 39 states to set up dates--mostly in January and February--to get on-site, one-on-one counseling on how to fill out the FAFSA form.  See their directory to find if there are College Goal Sunday events in your state.  If there are similar events in some states, they will direct you to that organization's website. 
One state with its own events is California, where California Cash for College by the California Student Aid Commission stages financial aid events.  

Another possible source of one-on-one FAFSA help is the school you plan to attend.  Some of them have FAFSA events for students who are accepted or prospective students in the previous winter.  Some of them may hit the road and conduct FAFSA sessions in other towns in your state; contact the financial aid office of that school and see if they might have such an event. 

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