Friday, March 29, 2013

Sources of Scholarships for the Disabled and Discounts on MRI/CAT Scans, Courtesy of Needymeds

As a freebie hawk, I have long had a link from No Free Money to Needymeds, a site loaded with information on prescription assistance programs for the uninsured.  I always made sure the link was still alive, but didn't look at it too closely recently.  And what I was missing!

For one thing, they now have a link to scholarships for people diagnosed with various conditions  illnesses.  I was taken aback when they listed "acne," (no, there AREN'T scholarships for acne sufferers), but it does list over 200 scholarships for people with other conditions, like burn sufferers and those with mobility disabilities.  There are listings that end up with zilch hits, but altogether, it's a worthwhile place to look if you have a disability or diagnosis.  They also have a listing of financial aid for people with various diagnosis and conditions.  Both are worth looking into.

If you are in need of a CAT Scan or MRI, they also offer deep discounts for uninsured and underinsured people, or those with a high deductable --with savings of between 50% and 75%, with over 2,500 providers around the country.  For these great aids and more, see the left-hand side of the Needymeds page, and see what both of us have been missing.


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